Last update 10/4/2011 6:00:00 PM (GMT+7)

Hanoian farmers earn their living in Saigon
VietNamNet Bridge – Nearly 100 farmers from Hanoi’s outskirts now live together in hired rooms in an alley of Tan Phu district, HCM City. All of them earn their daily bread by selling boiled maize.

Selling boiled maize is a popular job in HCM City. This man starts
his new day by boiling maize.

Entering alley 249 in Tan Quy ward, Tan Phu district, one will smell of burning from tires and wood.
Dozens of big pots of maize are boiling.

Men use trolleys while women use bamboo frames to carry maize.

They live in 7sq.m rooms, priced VND1.7 million ($70) a month,
including power and water charges.

Besides selling maize, some collect rubbish.

This man has left his home in Van Dinh village, Ha Dong district, for ten years.
He and his wife sell boiled maize and eggs to support two children at home.

This woman is washing boiled eggs for her husband to sell at night.

They can sell around 100 maize ears a day, earning VND50,000-100,000 ($2.5-5) of profit.

Vendors still work in Saigon’s striking night.