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Dangerous season for wild birds
VietNamNet Bridge – Autumn is the good time for bird hunters from central provinces, like Thanh Hoa, Nghe An and Ha Tinh.

These days, bird nets are spread through all fields in Thanh Hoa province. All species of
birds are netted to sell to restaurants.

Tools used by bird hunters. Previously, birds were caught by glue traps but now hunters
use tape recording bird voices as bait to net birds.

Some bird hunters still use a specialized whistle to decoy birds. This type of whistle
originates from southern provinces.

Bird nets are spread at night. Birds are attracted by bird voices from whistles or
cassette tapes to fly into nets.

During the day, bird hunters trap storks. Seeing storks fly, they hide themselves
 in tents like this to “control” decoys.

Glue traps and decoys are everywhere.

Bird hunters say they catch 30-40 storks a day, earning $25-30.

Ponds become traps of night herons. A bird hunter in Thanh Hoa said he can trap 50 night
 herons a day. He sells the birds to traders for VND60-90,000 ($3-4.5)/bird.
Traders then sell the birds to China.

Many people buy night herons to train them into decoys.

Thousands of wild birds are trapped each day.

Wild birds have become finger food.

While catching wild birds has become a trade in many areas, the authorities and people of Hai Loc commune, Hau Loc district, Thanh Hoa province try to protect wild birds.

The commune’s vice chair Le Doan Huan said there is a 63 hectare coastal forest in Hai Loc, which is the home to wild birds. Many hunters from other locations flocked to the commune to shoot and trap birds. However, local police and local residents have prevented them from hunting wild birds.