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The ‘Ghost Cave' a combination of history and beauty

Hang Ma, or Ghost Cave, is located in the highlands, Coc Village, Nam Xuan Commune, Quan Hoa District. It is sandwiched between the two imposing mountains of Pha Phung and Pha Hang.

Close to the Luong River, the 500-metre deep cave is located in an rough terrain, with only one access way. It was ideal for combat during wartime.

According to local elderly people of the village, the cave took it's name because of the large number of soldiers who died there.

In order to pay tribute to the many anonymous men who gave their lives for their country, the local government decided to build a temple there, and recently it was opened to tourists.

Despite its disturbing history, the cave is quite charming, at the base of a range of limestone mountains. Visitors can take a footpath over the Luong River during the dry season to discover its beauty.

Ha Dinh Ta, Chairman of the communal People’s Committee, said that the cave is believed to be a last resting place of a number of soldiers who fought during the Lam Son Revolt during China's Minh Dynasty, and was also used to flout the French between 1946 and 1947.

The communal government got approval from the district authorities to make the cave into an eco-tourism site in 2008, Ta added.

Some photos taken from Ghost Cave:

Source: dan tri news