Last update 11/15/2010 3:00:00 PM (GMT+7)

ESPN and Star Sports will not air EPL in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge – The two channels this morning, August 9, removed the English Premier League (EPL) from their broadcast schedule because they don’t have to right to show this event in Vietnam.

EPL is replaced by other sport events on their website schedule. ESPN and Star Sports don’t have the right to broadcast EPL in Vietnam, Thailand or Singapore, but they can air EPL in some regions of Indonesia, Laos and Cambodia.

In its latest document sent to Canal+ (France), the partner of VSTV which operates K+ channel, MP&Silva confirmed that only VSTV holds the broadcast right of the Series A (Italy) football event and VSTV is the only broadcaster in Vietnam which has the right to air all EPL matches in the next three seasons.

The Singapore-based MP&Silva holds exclusive broadcast rights for EPL in Vietnam for the next three seasons. It sold Sunday matches to VSTV and Saturday and Monday matches for some other paid TV channels in Vietnam like VCTV, HTV, and VTC.

Hanoi Television also has broadcast rights for matches on Saturdays and Monday and it will air these matches free of charge on HTV1 and HTV2.

A month ago VSTV, the owner of K+ channel, announced it held the rights to broadcast all matches of EPL in Vietnam over the next three seasons. Other broadcasters who also bought EPL broadcast rights can only broadcast matches on Saturday, Monday or midweek. K+ is willing to allow other channels to transfer Sunday matches if they can reach agreements on fees.

On August 8 ESPN and Star Sports announced their EPL schedule in Vietnam. VSTV and VCTV immediately confirmed that the two foreign channels don’t have the right to air EPL in Vietnam.