Last update 11/15/2010 11:22:29 PM (GMT+7)

ESPN, Star Sports may broadcast English Premier League in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge – While local television broadcasters are negotiating to share broadcast rights of the English Premier League (EPL) in Vietnam, two world famous sports channels, ESPN and Star Sports, announced their EPL broadcast schedule in Vietnam.

The EPL 2010-2011 will be kicked off on August 14. According to the broadcast schedule on ESPN and Star Sports websites, EPL matches will be aired live on these channels in Vietnam.

K+, the holder of EPL broadcasting right in Vietnam, insisted that it is inaccurate that ESPN and Star Sports would air EPL live in Vietnam.

K+ manager Cao Van Liet, emphasized: “MP&Silva holds the broadcast right of the EPL in Vietnam in the next three seasons. It sold matches on Sunday to K+ and other Vietnamese pay channels received the right to air EPL matches on Saturday and Monday.”

“According to a contract signed between MP&Silva and K+, MP&Silva committed to not share the broadcast right of EPL matches on Sunday in Vietnam in the next three seasons. It is sure that information about ESPN and Star Sports to broadcast EPL matches in Vietnam is inaccurate. However, as these channels announced their broadcast schedules of the EPL already, K+ will contact MP&Silva to make clear this issue this week.”

If ESPN and Star Sports, which are included in almost all paid TV systems in Vietnam, do air EPL matches in Vietnam, it would be good news for football fans, but bad news for some broadcasters, who paid millions of dollars to obtain EPL broadcasting rights.

At present, besides K+, which holds the exclusive right to broadcast EPL matches on Sunday, VTC has broadcast right for matches during weekdays on its high definition system. Hanoi Television (HTV) and Vietnam Cable TV (VCTV) have rights for Saturday and midweek matches.

VCTV representative Trinh Long Vu said VCTV has broadcast right for 70 percent of EPLL matches. These matches will be aired on Football TV and Sport TV channels. VCTV also bought the broadcast right from MP&Silva, conditioning that ESPN and Star Sport will not air EPL in Vietnam. VCTV system also has ESPN and Star Sport.

Vu confirmed that the Champions League will be aired free on VTV3. VCTV also holds the broadcast rights for Bundesliga (Germany), Ligue I (France), Brazil, Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana. However, exclusive broadcast rights for two other top football vents of Europe – La Liga (Spain) and Serie A (Italy) in Vietnam belongs to K+.