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Youth throng to chatrooms for virtual sex and more

VietNamNet Bridge - If porn is your passion, you’ll find plenty of it online, reports Tien Phong newspaper after members of its staff spent many nights on the Internet to investigate the ‘black world’ of nude chat, online strip tease and “online love.”


Porn chat

When night falls, chat rooms begin operating. Porn chat addicts stand in front of computers, swaying to electronic music and sexy dances on webcams.

A chat room reverberated to loud music. Some of its members typed short messages praising the chatroom MC’s choice of music. Occasionally a boy sent an obscene invitation to a nude chat.

“Are you really hot? Show me!”, sent a Tien Phong reporter to ‘gaihot’ (‘sexy girl’), who’d posted an invitation to chatroom members to join her for nude chat.

“You want to see? Look at the cam (webcam)”, she answered.

The webcam window opened on the reporter’s computer screen. A young girl was sitting in front of a keyboard, wearing only a black bra. She typed: “Do you have phone cards? I’ll do a striptease if you send me a 50k (50,000 dong) card and I will show you everything if you have a 100k card.”

“No, I don’t,” the reporter typed back. The webcam window closed immediately. The girl typed “No free gift! Get lost!”

Hung is a porn chat addict who works for a tourism firm in Hanoi. He explained to the reporter that ‘gaihot’ is a “professional girl.” “If you give them the code of phone cards, they’ll show you their bodies. This game is old. You must visit Paltalk chatroom. Now that’s a real porn chatroom,” he said knowledgably.

As good as his word, several days later, Hung arranged for the Tien Phong reporter to join a Paltalk chatroom called ‘Hot Top Girl.’  Hung explained that this chatroom always has several girls who do strip tease everynight to serve other members.

Just before midnight, the golden time for strip tease in the online world, the chatroom MC texted nearly 100 members, telling them to turn on their webcams to cheer a hotgirl in her strip tease show.

Hung clicked the mouse to send a red rose to the “showgirl”. The webcam window opened to reveal a pretty girl lying on a bed. Slowly, erotically, she took off her clothes. She writhed to the music, occasionally taking a drink from a bottle of wine or playing with a set of sextoys. The chatroom atmosphere was heated up by the girl’s dance. Hung’s eyes were blazing. The MC ‘gave’ the microphone to the girl.  Her panting and the music pulsed from speakers.

When the show finished, Hung opened webcam windows of other members to reveal seedy faces. Some dropped off with a flash of naked bodies. is a favourite online chat destination of many Vietnamese and overseas Vietnamese.  The technology, if not the content, is similar to Yahoo Messenger. There are dozens of chatrooms where Vietnamese people meet on the Paltalk site. It has become a kingdom of porn chat.

Hung said that to join strip tease shows or participate in a porn chat service, players have to purchase ‘VIP nicknames.’ Nicknames in Paltalk are coded. The most expensive nicknames are colored violet and cost $200 per year. A green nickname sets its buyer back $60, and a blue one costs $40.  The fee that’s paid determines what services the buyer receives.

According to Tien Phong’s survey, Paltalk nicknames are traded on many online forums and want ad websites in Vietnam.  A reporter phoned ‘Khanh,’ who advertised that he could provide Paltalk VIP nicknames. The reporter was invited to transfer 600,000 to 1.4 million dong to a bank account to have a nickname within 30 minutes.

On serious online forums, the impact of porn chat services is vigorously debated. It seems a foregone conclusion that the virtual sex sites have seriously affected the lifestyle of many young people.

Recently a Vietnamese singer was criticized for leaking a clip of his porn chat on Paltalk.

Doctor Nguyen Van Dung of Bach Mai Hospital’s Mental Diseases and Chat Addiction Ward says that those who join porn chatrooms often become addicted. Their thinking, acts and lifestyle all change. Some people become mentally ill.

The online ‘love market’ 

The ‘market’ operates 24/7 on the Internet Anybody can advertise to sell their ‘love.’

“Looking for a boyfriend. I live in Hanoi, married with two children, but my husband is very weak and on business trips all the time, so I’m very sad. I want to find healthy men to exchange confidences. Be assured that I’m very considerate. Contact me at 098809…”  This “love message” was posted on website in early April.

There are many messages like this on the jaovat site.  All of them are short and to the point.  They are posted by married women, young girls, young boys and gays, all of whom provide their email addresses or phone numbers.

Some only seek a date or a friend but others “look for an active partner.” One boy advertised: “I’m 20, healthy, 1.76m, 64kg. I would like to make the acquaintance of women from 35-50 years old to be helped and learn experience. I can satisfy all your requirements from you, except for money. I’m very serious, please don’t play with me.”

“Love markets” in the chatrooms of Yahoo are more ‘noisy.’  They are monopolized by prostitutes.

Dung, the owner of an Internet café on Le Thanh Nghi Street in Hanoi, said he is an habitué of Yahoo’s Hanoi chatrooms and he knows many “online prostitutes”.

“The whores hang out on Yahoo these days. Just by paying attention to their nicknames, you can tell if they are prostitutes or not,” Dung said.

On these chatrooms, not only professional prostitutes but also teens who need money to pay Internet fees at Internet cafes advertise their readiness to exchange “love” for “money”.

A Tien Phong reporter joined one of Yahoo’s Hanoi chatrooms.  Like the chatroom on Paltalk, there was electronic music and obscene messages. Almost immediately, an online friend sent a message: “An ‘item’ (meaning a girl) is stuck at an Internet café in Thanh Xuan district.  They won’t let her go home until she pays her accumulated computer charges. I’m in Gia Lam district now, too far from there so I’m ‘sharing’ it with you. This is her chat nickname and phone number . . . .”

Keying in the ‘nick,’ the reporter saw her appeal: “I’m stuck at an Internet café in Thanh Xuan, please rescue me!”  He phoned her, and she told him “I played games for three days at this café. I don’t have money to pay them. I owe them 200,000 dong.  Please come find me at . . . . My hair is short and I’m wearing a black sweater. Be quick please!”

The reporter arrived at the Internet café 30 minutes later and saw nearly 30 teens sitting in front of computers. There was no girl with a black sweater and short hair.

The café owner, a middle-aged man, told him that a boy had come to pay the girl’s debt and take her out. He said that the girl is a familiar client. Every few days, she is “rescued” by a man.

ATien Phong reporter collected a long list of phone numbers of “love sellers.” About 70 percent turned out to be phony, including his first call to the first phone number in the list. It turned out that a bad guy had posted the phone number of a woman on websites, and she is very upset. She is receiving hundreds of calls in a day.

Hung, the administrator of a small ‘want ad’ website, said that such advertisements are very popular on sites like his. People advertise their sentiments as items for trade.

Tien Phong concludes that many websites are de facto online brothels, camouflaged as forums for making friends or seeking love and companionship.

Unlike the love markets on small ad websites and chatrooms where advertisers don’t have to pay fees, some sites don’t disguise what they do. They ask members to register and pay fees by sending messages from their mobile phones or buy cards.

Spicy gossip draws fans


At 2 pm, a chatroom on Yahoo was suddenly animated by a link sent by a member to www.xvip . . ., with this note: “if you don’t visit it, you have wasted your life.”

This website appeared with blinking headlines and photos of sexy girls. The site was exclusively about sex, from hot news about Vietnam’s sex scene and reports from overseas like “Big boss falls into waitress’s trap” or “Teen loses her virginity for 30,000 dong,”, to a porn chat service, ads for call girls, reports on playboys, porno fiction and steamy video clips. This website has hundreds of thousands of members and millions of pages. At any time, thousands of members are signed in.

Tien Phong found that access to this and similar websites is free. Users only need to register a nickname to become a member, with the right to post articles and photos. The unique appeal of these sites is that instead of emphasizing sexy photos, stories or videos, they publish “real stories” about  celebrities, children of influential families, or big bosses.

These websites change their domain names very often. Nguyen, an IT expert from FPT, says that this kind of website makes its profits from members’ clicks on advertising banners. “Porno content is very attractive to the young.  In February 2010, www.lx . . ., a Vietnamese language porno website, was among our country’s most visited sites,” he said.

IT experts say that most of these sites use overseas servers so it is difficult to establish firewalls against them.