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Patriotic personalities make proposals on defense and development
VietNamNet Bridge – Twenty patriotic personalities and intellectuals on July 13, sent a petition on defending and developing the country in the current situation to the National Assembly and the Politburo.

The petition includes three parts. The first analyzes recent incidents in Vietnam-China relations. The second is about the country’s issues and the third offers five recommendations to the Party and National Assembly’s leaders.

Among those who signed the petition are big names like: Ho Uy Liem, Vice Chair of the Vietnam Union of Scientific and Technological Associations (VUSTA), Major-general Nguyen Trong Vinh (former Vietnamese Ambassador to China), researchers Tran Viet Phuong, Tran Duc Nguyen (former members of the Prime Minister’s Research Board), Prof. Hoang Tuy, Prof. Nguyen Hue Chi, senior experts Nguyen Trung, Pham Chi Lan, Prof. Chu Hao (former Deputy Minister of Science and Technology), senior researcher Nguyen Dinh Dau, Catholic Priest Huynh Cong Minh, Le HIeu Dang, Prof. Tuong Lai, Lawyer Tran Quoc Thuan, economist Vu Thanh Tu Anh, Buddhist Priest Le Manh That, writer and culturist Nguyen Ngoc, Dr. Nguyen Xuan Dien, Dr. Nguyen Huu Chau Phan and Dr. Nguyen Dinh An.

According to the 20 patriotic personalities, as the tension in the East Sea is rising, Vietnam’s sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity are being seriously bullied.

The petition says: “From the ambition to become a superpower, with the role of ‘the world’s factory’ and the biggest creditor of the world, under the ‘peaceful rising’ label, China is trying to spread its power in all forms, in order to infiltrate and corner many countries in all continents…

Recently, China has made seriously escalation to implement its plot to occupy the East Sea, with many acts that neglected the international law and violated the national sovereignty and territorial and territorial water integrity of countries around the East Sea. China has made the so-called U-shape line or nine dotted line, to claim over 80 percent of the East Sea. It has stated many times that that the waters inside the U-shape line belong to China’s ‘indisputable sovereignty’. It has also conducted many illegal activities in the East Sea to confirm its illegal claims.

China is urgently strengthened its navy, preparing to install big oil rigs and implementing military or non-military acts in the East Sea, which are encroaching deeply into the waters of other countries while performing activities to divide members of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) in the relations with China.

In the waters belonging to Vietnam’s territorial waters and exclusive economic zone, China attacked to occupy the remaining islands in Vietnam’s Hoang Sa Archipelago. In 1988, it occupied an additional seven islands and rocks in Vietnam’s Truong Sa Archipelago. Since then, China has continuously made acts to harass and infringe into Vietnam’s waters, for example placing ban of fishing in the East Sea, driving away, seizing or robbing assets of Vietnamese fishing ships, putting pressure on foreign oil and gas groups to prevent them from or force them to cancel contracts with Vietnam, sending patrol ships to the East Sea like its own sea.

Most recently, Chinese ships cut cables of Vietnamese seismic survey ships – Binh Minh 02 and Viking II in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone. These are seriously escalation in China’s series of acts to harass and infringe Vietnam’s waters.

With Vietnam’s geographical, geopolitical and geo-economic position in the current international situation, China considers Vietnam as the obstacle on its way to the southern sea to become a superpower.”

From the above analysis, they believed that China has taken important steps in implementing its strategic designs.

They cited: “Vietnam’s trade deficit with China in recent years increased very quickly, that of 2010 is 2.8 times higher than that of 2006 and since 2009, it is equivalent to Vietnam’s trade deficit to the whole world. At present, Vietnam has to import around 80-90 percent of materials for its processing industry, large volumes of oil and gas, power, materials and equipment for other economic sectors, around one fifth of trade turnover from China is consumer goods. In addition, a similar volume of goods are smuggled from China to Vietnam. Most seriously, up to 90 percent of important works like power, metallurgical, chemical, bauxite and titanium mining plants, etc. in the form of EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) are in the hands of Chinese contractors.

Meanwhile, China imports materials, agricultural produces and minerals from Vietnam, which leaves environmental problems. In addition, there are matters with leasing border forest to Chinese businesses, false money from China. The weakness of the local economy is the fat land for China’s infiltration and even the control in terms of economics. In addition, immeasurable consequences from China’s construction of many dams in the upstream of two big rivers flowing through Vietnam.

Vietnam cannot underestimate China’s infiltration into Vietnam’s neighboring countries. If China is successful in monopolizing the East Sea, Vietnam’s path to the outside world will be covered.”

According to them, since Vietnam cannot move, “the current situation forces our nation to make a decisive turning-point: as a neighboring country of China, which is ambitious to become a superpower, Vietnam has to firmly defend its independence, sovereignty, to become a respected partner of China, to create a real bilateral relations for peace, friendship, cooperation and development.

The battle field to defend our waters, exclusive economic zone, islands and sky in the East Sea is very hot owing to China’s escalation. However, the most dangerous battle field is China’s infiltration and control of economic, politic, cultural life in Vietnam.

The appearance of a China with the ambition to become a superpower with many plots and illegal acts has caused a stir in the world, making a new complexion for our country in international relations. Almost all countries in the world, perhaps except for China only, want to see an independent, prosperous, developed Vietnam, which can contribute to maintain peace and stability in the region and the world.”

According to patriotic personalities, the new complexion is a big opportunity for Vietnam in defending and developing the country, through which having a worthy position in the today’s civilized world.

They offered five suggestions to the National Assembly and the Politburo:

1.    Telling Vietnamese people and the whole world the actual situation of Vietnam-China relations; making clearly convincing evidences which are suitable to international law about Vietnam’s sovereignty over the East Sea; confirming Vietnam’s goodwill to maintain and build the friendship, cooperation and good relations with China and its determination to defend independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. Vietnam always differentiates plots and immoral and illegal acts of part of Chinese leaders from the sentiment and friendliness of a majority Chinese people to Vietnamese people. Vietnam is willing to be a friend and a reliable partner of all countries, particularly attaches importance to the friendship, cooperative relations with Southeast Asian countries, big countries and related countries in the East Sea disputes.

2.    Telling the Vietnamese people the current situation of the country, awakening them of threats to the country’s destiny, to rouse up the agreement and determination of the entire people to defend and develop the country. Making through and comprehensive renovation in the fields of education and economics as the ground for the process of self-strengthening of the nation and for the cause of defending and building the country.

3.    Seeking every way to enforce the people’s freedom and democratic rights stipulated by the Constitution, in order to liberate and bring into full play the will and capability of the people for the cause of building and defending the country.

4.    Calling the whole Vietnamese at home and abroad, not distinguishing political opinions, religion, ethnic groups, and social positions to make reconciliation and build national unity, with patriotism and altruism and tolerance. All Vietnamese need to close the past, give top priority to the national interest and hold hands together in the same front line for the cause of building and defending the country.

5.    The Communist Party of Vietnam, as the only ruling party in Vietnam and also the one that takes complete responsibility for the current situation of the country has to consider national interests as the top priority, to hold aloft the national and democratic flag to accelerate the politic reform, to liberalize all potentials of the people for the cause of building and defending the country, to roll back corruptions, to bring the country out of the current weak and dependent situation to enter the period of sustainable development.