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Four miners die in coalmine explosion
VietNamNet Bridge - Four workers died in a methane explosion in a coal mine in Quang Ninh Province early in the morning of July 2.

The explosion broke at 5.30am in the Khe Tam coal mine of the Northeast Coal Corporation. Four workers were buried in the mine.

The first body was found after three hour’s search. The other three could not be brought out of the mine until 5.30pm of the same day.

Workers were very young, aging between 23 and 27.

The relatives of the four dead workers have received their bodies and brought them to their home land for burial.

The provincial authorities gave VND6 million (US$288) as initial support to each family.

Police and other concerned agencies are investigating the cause of the explosion.

Since 1999, at least five methane explosions happened at coal mines in Quang Ninh. In 1999, 19 workers died in an explosion at Mao Khe mine. In 2002, 13 others died at Suoi Lai and 909 mines. In early 2006, an explosion at Thong Nhat mine killed 8 people. In December 2008, nine workers died, 24 others were injured in an explosion at Khe Cham mine.

Photo: Dan Viet

Compiled by N. Anh