Last update 2/11/2012 2:00:00 PM (GMT+7)

PM concludes Tien Lang officials wrong in eviction
Hai Phong City’s Tien Lang District authorities have violated the Land Law in withdrawing 40 hectares of land allocated to a local farmer, Doan Van Vuon, and must revoke all their wrong decisions and enable Vuon to continue using the land, the Prime Minister concluded.

Aquaculture union branch proposes to punish more officials in Tien Lang case

Hai Phong City Party Committee secretary Nguyen Van Thanh and city People's Committee
chairman Duong Anh Dien (2nd and 3rd from left) at the meeting  (Photo: Tuoi Tre)

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung made the statement at yesterday’s meeting with relevant agencies in Hanoi to resolve the Tien Lang land conflict, in which the 49-year-old farmer last month acted violently against the local authorities’ decision to withdraw more than 40 hectares of land allocated to him in 1993.

Of the two decisions issued by Tien Lang authorities on land allocation to Vuon, the first, which granted 21 hectares of land to Vuon in 1993, was in accordance to the law applicable at the time, but the second, which allocated 19.3 hectares to Vuon in 1997, was against regulations on land allocation and land allocation term, the PM said.

Regarding land withdrawal, the PM concluded that the local authorities were wrong when they issued Decision 460 in 2008 and Decision 461 in 2009 to withdraw Vuon’s land for the reason that the land use term was over.

Two decisions went against the 2003 Law on Land and the government’s Decree 181, the PM said.

Chairman of the Government’s Office Vu Duc Dam explained yesterday that the law and the decree stipulate 5 cases subject to land withdrawal but Vuon’s case was not among them.

Such wrong land withdrawal decisions had led to unlawful forced removal imposed on Vuon on January 5, the PM concluded.

The PM also asked the Hai Phong City’s authorities firstly to order the Tien Lang People’s Committee to revoke its wrong decisions on land withdrawal and revoke the forced removal imposed on Vuon and carry out necessary procedures for Vuon to continue to use the land.

Second, the city authorities must suspend those responsible for the destruction of Vuon’s house and order local police to investigate and prosecute those involved. After the forced withdrawal, Vuong’s house was destroyed. Some local leaders are now suspected of ordering the demolition.

Third, the authorities must direct law agencies to bring to court Vuon and his family members. The court should consider mitigating factors for the defendants, since their offenses originated from Tien Lang’s unlawful decisions. As reported earlier, Vuon and his relatives planted homemade mines and shot injured 6 police officers who executed the forced removal decision.

Fourth, the city government must ask authorities in Tien Lang and Vinh Quang Commune to clarify the responsibilities of individuals involved in the land allocation and withdrawal, the forced removal on Vuon and the destruction of his house.

Fifth, the city authorities must clarify responsibilities in approving the Tien Lang’s forced removal decision, responsibilities in insufficiently reporting to the Prime Minister after the case was cracked open, and responsibilities in providing information that was not clear and in time, causing discontent among the public.

Sixth, the city People’s Committee must review and improve its land management capability to prevent similar cases from occurring in the future.

The PM also said that mobilizing the military to demolish Vuon’s house was illegal.

The PM assigned the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to coordinate with relevant agencies in reviewing and amending regulations on land management and use.