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What do you think about telepathy?
VietNamNet Bridge – After publishing a series of articles about telepathy and famous telepaths in Vietnam; particularly after the talk with Dr. Nguyen Van Khai, who says “telepathy is absurd”. Many readers emailed VietNamNet about this issue.

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Telepathy is still a big controversy. It has attracted the public’s attention because it involves searching lost remains of people in wars.

In the article “So-called telepathy is absurd”, doctor of physics Nguyen Van Khai affirmed: “There is human energy but the so-called telepathy is absurd. I’ve never believed in it.”

Many readers have emailed VietNamNet to make comments on Dr. Khai’s statement.

Part of them do not agree with the scientist, saying that telepathy is the spiritual issue. Human potentials are real and they must be researched carefully.

“We cannot say that telepathy is absurd when nobody understands it clearly. There is only one note that martyrs’ families need to make DNA tests before exhuming remains. If there are no bones to take for tests, they should not exhume the tombs. When we do not have any convincing answer for telepathy, scientists should not say anything. Only some fake telepaths do wrong,” wrote reader laonong.

“How can he say telepathy is absurd? I’m not superstitious and I’ve never met any telepath, but I also believe that there is another world, which is different from our world. I believe that there are real telepaths. They have been granted many titles by the state for their contribution to the country. How can we say telepath is absurd?” wrote toto.

Hong Kien says that it is necessary to use telepathy to search for lost remains. This reader wrote: “There are true telepaths who have found out thousands of lost tombs. Even when they find some wrong tombs, it is no problem. We cannot completely deny their ability and contribution, though there are some fake telepaths.”

However, most of readers agree with Dr. Khai, saying that he dares to speak out loudly the truth which people often dodge.

“The state and the people must be serious in telepathy because it is unable to have so many telepaths like this, especially in poor rural areas. There are so many tragedies caused by fake telepaths and they must be punished. The state should immediately stop this because it is not only swindling but also the terrible offence to martyrs and the nation’s painful history,” reader Minh wrote.

Reader Nguyen Huy Quyen says: “I agree with Dr. Nguyen Van Khai. Let’s prove to have real telepaths to make us to believe. Let’s choose randomly ten martyrs and ask telepaths from the Center for Research of Human Potentials to seek. These people can only find out remains with detailed documents about the remains. They do not dare to search for lost remains of those who are not martyrs because there are no detailed documents about them.”

Some telepaths say that they have found thousands of lost tombs by telepathy. However, most of the remains are not identified by DNA tests. This is a gap for fake telepaths to make money.

According to statistics from some DNA testing centers, the rate of true tombs discovered by telepaths is very low, always less than 10 percent.

“Using telepaths to search for lost tombs should be continued only when the rate of true tombs they find is high. It is easy to define by making DNA tests,” wrote ngvuduc.

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