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Tricks of telepaths
VietNamNet Bridge – Despite the pain of families that have lost tombs, some ‘telepaths’ used tricks to treat these families for money.

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Taking advantage of the hope to find out remains of relatives of many families, ‘telepaths’ successfully used many tricks to treat these families. Most of the tombs searched by the so-called method of “ap vong” are only unknown remains in cemeteries or symbolic soil dug up from the forest.

“Ap vong” is the name for a method in which ‘telepaths’ call up souls to incatnate into someone in the families that have lost tombs. The soul will instruct the family to find out the lost remains. This is the most popular method used by ‘telepaths’ to seek lost tombs nowadays.

To treat families of martyrs, these fake telepaths arranged sophisticated scenarios.

According to doctor Do Thanh Tuan from the Aviation Medicine Hospital, when someone wants to see telepaths to perform séances, their thought is already obsessed by incatnation. That is a form of auto-suggestion. Some fake telepaths chemicals to create dillusion and panic to enhance auto-suggestion.

Dr. Vu The Khanh, General director of the Union of Scientific, Technological and Application Information Associations, also told the Vietnamese Law newspaper about this trick. He said thanks to the chemicals, fake telepaths can control the tomb seekers.

Fakes telepaths also use “spies” to collect information about tomb searching families and then use the information to cheat tomb seekers. With correct information used at the beginning, telepaths can have trust of tomb seekers.

Some fake telepaths even make up tombs to cheat tomb seekers. The Tien Phong newspaper recently published a story about Nguyen Dinh Nhu whose brother is a martyr. Nhu met two “telepaths” named Dang Xuan Ba from Nam Dinh province and Nguyen Dinh Mai from Lam Dong province and asked them to help search for his brother’s remains.

At the instruction of the two ‘telepaths’, Nhu easily found out two “tombs”. There was a small bottle in each tomb. The bottles contained papers noted the name and home towns of martyrs, plus some bones.

As the tomb searching process was simple and easy, Nhu’s family doubted the telepaths and asked for relevant agencies to check. When the luggage of the telepaths was inspected, police found out six bottles containing pieces of paper with some information of martyrs and 14 bags of bones. These bottles were similar to the bottles that Nhu’s family dug up from the two tombs.

The two “telepaths” were arrested and accused of swindling.

Doctor Pham Ngoc Ngo, deputy director of the Nghe An Mental Hospital, said that “ap vong” is actually “going into trance” phenomenon.

“In the environment with negative impacts: crowded, hot weather, tired due to having waited for a long time, many people with auto-suggestion phenomeon, it is easy to feel ‘soul’ catarnation,” doctor Ngo told Vietnam Agriculture Newspaper.

Doctor Ngo recommended tomb seekers to be vigilant to not be treated by fake telepaths.

Lan Chau