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Nguyen Thi Nguyen’s “supernatural” ability

VietNamNet Bridge – Telepathy is the induction of mental states from one mind to another. This is a special ability which only some people have.

Portraits of famous Vietnamese telepaths

Scientists define four paths to becoming a telepath: inborn ability, becoming a telepath after experiencing a great upheaval, veteran monks, being trained.

The media does not mention why Ms. Nguyen Thi Nguyen in Phuong Mai Street, Dong Da district, Hanoi, became a telepath. However, Vu The Khanh, General Director of the Union of Science, Technology and IT Application Associations guaranteed that Nguyen could find out lost tombs with 70 percent accuracy. in March 2007 posted a story about the process to seek a lost tomb in China by Ms. Nguyen. According to the article, a Vietnamese man named Tap lived in Yunnan, China for some years. When his wife passed away, Mr. Tap buried her in a cemetery in Yunnan and brought his family back to Vietnam. He died in 1945.

In July 2000, Mr. Tap’s children – Ms. Khanh and Mr. Nien – asked Nguyen to help seek the tomb of their mother in China. At that time, the cemetery was leveled. Nguyen drew a map, which is said around 80 percent similar to the fact, and gave some instruction to Khanh and Nien. They went to Yunnan and found the tomb. published the story of Mr. Vu Duc That, 65, from Ha Tay district, Hanoi, who found his missing brother since 1945 thanks to telepath Nien.

According to That, the famine 1945 killed his father and two of his five brothers and sisters. That and her elder sister worked as servants for rich families. His mother and the youngest brother became beggars. When the mother died, the 4-year-old youngest brother was missing. After wars, the family tried to seek their remains but failed.

That asked Nguyen to help seek the remains of his mother and brother. However, Nguyen said that his brother was still alive. “Your brother is still alive. In 1945, when your mother died, someone took him to the direction of Cao Bang – Lang Son provinces,” Nguyen told That. Thanks to Nguyen’s instruction, That saw his brother again after decades.

In 2007, reporter Bach Ngan of Vietimes, a website ran by VietNamNet newspaper met Nguyen to learn about her special ability.

Ngan played the role of a woman who was searching for the tomb of her uncle named Nguyen Van Bui, who was missing since 1948. In that meeting, Nguyen only asked for the name and the year of missing of the man. She then described the lost man and instructed Ngan to a real tomb in Yen Ky cemetery in Ha Tay district, Hanoi.

However, reporter Ngan did not have any uncle like that. This was a make-up character to test telepath Nguyen.

Does Nguyen have “supernatural ability” that helps not only talk with the dead but also with the soul that has never existed in this world and find out real remains for that fake soul?

Man Chi