Last update 12/6/2010 10:30:00 AM (GMT+7)

Young face midnight ban for online games

VietNamNet Bridge - Strict new regulations dealing with gaming online will be effective next January in Vietnam, banning providing violent video games and playing online games after 10PM, announced the city’s Department of Information and Communications on Sunday.

After the closure by Chi Minh City’s authorities of some illegal online activities, the Ministry of Information and Communications decided to implement the ban beginning next January.

The City’s Department of Information and Communications have forbidden 20 games this year, that had illicit images, including 18 games that contained elements of violence.

The Department authorities requested that the four game providers remove the digital content that contains illicit images.

They were also fined and ordered to provide any other details about online games sites that might have a gambling content.

Gaming companies in the city were also ordered to stop internet access from 10pm to 8am daily and as well as not to provide online gaming to internet shops near any educational institutions.

The crackdown on online games follows a public outcry about their negative influence on the youth. Local reports have blamed an increase in juvenile crime and school truancy directly attributed to the influence of, and the addiction to, online gaming sites.

The city authorities were determined to crack down on online games with any violent, gambling or pornographic content, which could negatively affect young people.

Source: SGGP