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The new iPads see prices falling dramatically

VietNamNet Bridge – The price of The new iPad has been decreasing dramatically, by 4 million dong just two weeks after they hit the Vietnamese market.

The new iPad prices on the decline

The price of the new product has plunged so sharply that it is now just 2.8 million dong more expensive than iPad 2.

High-technology product players in late March once got so surprised when distributors slashed the sale prices by 3 million dong per product in late March. However, this was not the last price decrease wave.

On April 3, 2012, private shops slashed the sale prices further. Nhat Cuong distribution chain in Hanoi, for example, has reduced the sale price by another 100,000 dong for 16GB and 32GB to 15.79 and 18.69 million dong, respectively. Meanwhile, a sharper price decrease of 400,000 dong has been quoted for the 64GB product, which is now selling at 20.59 million dong.

Other private shops such as DigiWord, iShop, are quoting similar prices. According to Buu Dien newspaper, TechLand is now quoting the lowest price at 15.5 million dong for 16GB. Meanwhile, 32GB and 64GB versions are selling at 18.20 and 20.39 million dong, respectively.

A lot of shops are running sales promotion programs to attract more buyers. DigiWorld Hanoi and Nhat Cuong are giving free SIM 3G to clients, while offering price discounts to the clients who buy additional accessories.

Most of the shops in Hanoi and HCM City said they are not interested in the product version with Wi-Fi connection only. Nguyen Toan, Manager of, the distributor that stated that it brought the first new iPad to Vietnam, said that the Wi-Fi 16GB version is priced at 12.37 million dong. Meanwhile, two weeks ago, it was sold at 13.7 million dong.

The salesmen of Nhat Cuong and TechLand said that the Wi-Fi version of The new iPad has the same price with the iPad 2 3G. Therefore, consumers would think twice before deciding to buy The new iPad Wi-Fi version.

Prices would decrease further

The continued price decreases of The new iPad in Vietnam are foreseeable. Experts, after analyzing the new features of The new iPad, said before the products hit the Vietnamese market that the products would not be favored.

The comments on some high technology product players’ forums such as Tinh Te, VOZ or Handheld showed that The new iPad has stronger configuration than iPad 2, with camera 5.0MP, high resolution screen 2.048 x 1.536, more than 3 million pixels, allowing to well watch Full HD standard high resolution video clips, and more powerful graphics processing capability with two duo core Cortex A9 chips, but these are not the interesting features in the eyes of consumers.

The new iPad has a big advantage that it is equipped with 4G connection. However, the advantage has no use in Vietnam, where no mobile network has provided 4G services.

As such, spending several million dong more to buy The new iPad instead of iPad 2 is considered an “unreasonable decision” for the majority of consumers.

The information about the disadvantages of The new iPad appeared more and more on information technology forums has also made the sales of the products slow down.

With the “negative marks” for The new iPad and the low demand on the high technology production market, traders think that the products would see the prices drop further by April 2012. Especially, the products would be several millions of dong cheaper than now.

Source: Buu Dien