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Open source software development companies still struggle to survive

VietNamNet Bridge – Reviewing their operation over the last 10 years, open source software development companies in Vietnam believe that they are on the right track to follow the world’s trend in the role of providing the tools that help reduce the reliance on exclusive technologies. However, the enterprises still have to struggle to find the right ways to go.

Opportunities from new tendencies

The open source software enterprises all said that the development of online marketing and cloud computing technology both have helped them more easily access clients, while they have helped brought new business opportunities. They also said that if compared with 10 years ago, their business activities have been going more smoothly, because more and more institutions, agencies and enterprises have realized about the utilities that open source software can bring.

Tran Van Tuan, Director of Nhan Media Company, said that the number of orders from the enterprises that have the demand for open source software products is relatively big, especially from the ones with less than 100 computers. Tuan said that his latest project is the one on installing Ubuntu system for Investco, a company in HCM City.

The strong development of online marketing has also brought a lot of business opportunities to the company, when the revenue from carrying out online marketing plans for clients can bring a half of the total revenue. Nhan Media can also earn money from providing open source software products and building e-commerce websites to domestic clients.

The Lac Tien Informatics Joint Stock Company is also developing online marketing model. Lac Tien’s Director Vo Thai Lam said the revenue from domestic businesses remains modest, therefore, Lac Tien now is focusing on providing the solutions on corporate governance and customer relation management to small and medium enterprises. The application of the online marketing model has helped the company more quickly and effectively access the clients.

Lam said that most of the clients of the company now come from Internet, and that the company carries out two projects on average.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Van Hien, General Director of iNet Solutions, said that the company has been concentrating on providing services to government agencies. iNet Solutions develops an integrated system and collects fees from the services carried out on the basis of cloud computing

Directing towards the mobile platform

According to Tuan, currently, a lot of foreign brands such as LG, Tiger or Heineken are trying to build up content on social networks, especially Facebook. In attracting the Internet community, games prove to be an indispensable application. Therefore, in the time to come, his company would focus on develop the games to be integrated into the enterprises’ social network websites on the basis of Android operation system.

Meanwhile, Lac Tien is building up a program on customer relation management applied to small and medium enterprises, while adding up the feature allowing to operate on smart phones run with Android and IOS operation system. Lac Tien hopes to launch its services into the market next year

Though believing that this is really a potential market, open source software development companies still complain that they are facing too many obstacles. The most serious problems for them now are the lack of the qualified labor force. Besides, they believe that the market is still not attractive enough.

The representative from Nhan Media admitted that the company has been focusing on writing game apps on social networks and mobile platforms. However, since the company does not have enough workers, it has to implement the plan step by step. In the immediate time, Tuan said, the company would focus on supporting clients to implement online marketing plans, hoping that the experience from will help the company fulfill the next projects fluently.

Meanwhile, Doan Viet Hung from the HCM City University of Technology has suggested that it is necessary to set up a policy which creates the harmonization between the open source and close source development in order to create healthy competition, thus helping encourage the development.

Source: TBKTSG