Last update 6/24/2011 8:00:00 AM (GMT+7)

China warns US, deters neighbors

VietNamNet Bridge – China, on June 22 urged the US to not get involved in the East Sea disputes. Beijing said that the US’ involvement may make the situation worse.

Observers said that this is China’s most direct warning to the US in the last few weeks.

Tensions in the East Sea have escalated in the last month when China made provoking acts in the waters which is rich in oil and gas reserves.

Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Kui Tiankai urged the US to stand apart in the East Sea disputes and said that China worries about provoking acts of related parties in the East Sea. Meanwhile, China claims over 80 percent of the East Sea, through a so-called U-shape line that covers 1.7 million square kilometers, including the Paracel and Spratly Islands.

While blaming Vietnam and the Philippines for making “provoking acts”, the Chinese media has published aggressive commentaries.

On June 21, Global Times, a supplement of the People Daily, the newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, published an editorial, calling China to “use all necessary methods, including military to defend China’s interest in the South China Sea (East Sea)”.

“It depends on the situation that China has to be ready for two plans: negotiation for a peaceful solution or respond provoking by political, economic or even military counter-attacks”.

This newspaper points out: “China will use the sea police forces and if it is necessary, the naval forces too”.

The Voice of American (VOA) radio said that this is the toughest warning from China at a time when tension in the East Sea is escalating.

Earlier, the Vietnam News Agency quoted an editorial on Hong Kong-based Wen Wei Po newspaper, which is considered Beijing’s voice in this special zone as saying, that Chinese will have counter-attacks, not stand idly.

The editorial clearly points out that through the two naval exercises in the East Sea, China has given a clear warning: Though its policy is solving East Sea disputes by peaceful methods, China has well prepared in terms of military and determination to ensure its core interests.

Such editorials were published while China displayed its strength by two military exercises in the East Sea. On June 21, the Hong Kong Trade Daily reported that Beijing would test its first carrier very soon. This newspaper says that the test will “deter the countries that are eyeing on” the East Sea. The Chinese army doesn’t make any comment of the above information.

At the same time, many international politicians and scholars strongly criticized China’s recent moves in the East Sea, which they called “aggressive”, with claims of sovereignty like “groundless and greedy U-shape line”.

US Senator John McCain expressed his great concern over the tension in the East Sea. He said: “The aggressive behavior of China and the unsubstantiated territorial claims that it seeks to advance” are “exacerbating tensions” in the waters.

Thai An