Last update 6/15/2012 9:30:00 AM (GMT+7)

Religious diversity advanced in Vietnam
VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam has made great progress in endorsing rights to freedom of belief and religion, according to the political advisor to the European Union Mission to Vietnam, Juan-Jose Almagro Herrador.

Illustrative image. (Photo: Internet)
The EU advisor made the remark at an international workshop held in Hanoi on June 14 by the Government Committee for Religious Affairs and the European Union (EU).

He noted that the EU and Vietnam are entering into a new period of development in their relations, looking to the strategic partnership in the near future.

Both are preparing to sign a partnership and cooperation agreement (PCA), which offers an opportunity for the two sides to expand their dialogues to other areas, including human rights.

Nguyen Thanh Xuan, Vice Head of the Government Committee for Religious Affairs, affirmed religion renovation in Vietnam is on a par with that in the domains of politics, economy, culture and society.

Xuan said once recognized as legal entities, religions always attach their activities to society, support positive belief, and rid themselves of negative practices.

Participants in the workshop agreed that the Vietnamese Communist Party’s polices on religion will strengthen religious followers’ confidence in the Party and its Doi Moi (renewal) process.

They also discussed the EU and US experience in ensuring the rights to freedom of belief and religion.

The workshop is part of a EU-funded project to assist strategic dialogue in Vietnam.