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If Tien Lang case not handled strictly, nationwide impacts could be made

VietNamNet Bridge – High-ranking General Le Duc Anh, former Vietnamese President said he agreed with Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung’s conclusion on the Tien Lang land revocation case but he still worried.

Hai Phong to follow PM’s decision on land protest 

PM concludes Tien Lang officials wrong in eviction

General Le Duc Anh.

On February 10, PM Nguyen Tan Dung made conclusion on the land withdrawal case in Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city. What do you think about the conclusion?

I’m very happy that the PM quickly instructed Hai Phong authorities to strictly penalize officials who committed serious mistakes in the scandal in Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city.

I used the words “serious mistakes” because they turned the cooperative relations to build the life between the administration and the citizens into the antagonistic relations.

I agree with the PM’s conclusion. Tien Lang district violated the law and I would like to say that they also broke the Constitution. Because the nature of our state is the democratic state, the state that serves the people and the people are the masters of the country.

I also applaud the PM for instructing all provinces and cities to review and address state management of land, especially land revocation under the law.

In your opinion, if this case was not quickly settled, what consequences would have been?

If this case was not settled quickly and strictly, the consequences would have been immeasurable. From the relations that the state serves the people, because of degraded officials, the relations became the antagonistic relations. That could erode the people’s trust in the leadership of the Party. If the case was not strictly handled, its impacts would have spread throughout the nation.

I can say that I’m happy for the PM’s conclusion but I’m still worried. I propose the PM to keep watch of Hai Phong’s implementation of his conclusion and instruction.

Hai Phong announces suspension of district leaders in controversial land case  

Hai Phong authorities on February 11 evening announced the decisions to suspend the Tien Lang District People’s Committee chairman and deputy chairman.

Le Van Hien, the district’s deputy Party chief and People’s Committee chairman, and People’s Committee deputy chairman Nguyen Van Khanh were suspended from position on Feb. 2 for ordering the January 5 land seizure.  

Hai Phong leaders said they continued to investigate the case.

The decisions say the two district leaders receive 15 days of suspension as from Feb. 10. Mr. Luong Huu Huyen, another People’s Committee deputy chairman of the district, is the caretaker. 

Tien Lang residents welcomes PM’s conclusions

Residents in Vinh Quang Commune, Tien Lang District of the Northern city of Hai Phong showed their approval of the Prime Minister’s conclusions on the coercive land confiscation case in their locality.

Our correspondents in Hai Phong reported that after the mass media posted the PM’s conclusions on Friday afternoon, many residents in the Chua Tren Village of Vinh Quang Commune gathered at the veteran Nguyen Minh Vo’s house and gave comments on the conclusions.

Mr. Vo, 60, said the conclusions are fair and reasonable.

 “The Prime Minister’s conclusions on the case actually clear our concerns and set our mind at rest. They consolidate our confidence on the Party and the Government and reflect State leaders’ thorough care to people. We greatly thank the Prime Minister, agencies and branches for giving prompt instructions to deal with the case,” Vo said excitedly.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thuc, 33, who just went home from farming work, said “we are so eager to receive this information. This joy is that of Mr. Vuon’s family and of us too.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Le Huu Vung, 73, noted that the Prime Minister’s conclusions made clear that Mr. Vuon’s wrongdoings stemmed from illegal decisions issued by local authorities. “Therefore, competent agencies should take into account extenuating circumstances for Mr. Vuon and his relatives.”

“At this movement, we would like to thank the Prime Minister for caring for citizens’ lives and making decisive instructions to avoid the recurrence of similar case else where, not just in Tien Lang”, said Nguyen Van Hoa.

Mr. Vu Van Ba said that allowing Mr. Vuon’s family to continue renting the allocated land has significant effects, relieving many households in the commune and the whole district as well, and at the same time, consolidates people’s confidence in the Party and State’s policies.

But “it is necessary to give strict punishment to activities of destroying Mr. Vuon’s property,” he said.