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Expectations of int’l donors on Vietnam’s new cabinet

VietNamNet notes opinions and expectations of international donors on the new government of Vietnam.

Singaporean Lee Hsien Loong

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and some cabinet members
In his congratulation letter to Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, the Singaporean counterpart wrote: “On behalf of the Singaporean government, I would like to send the warmest congratulations to your re-election as the Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

I believe that Vietnam will develop firmly in your term of leadership. Singapore and Vietnam are side-by-side friends. Our bilateral ties have been thriving for many years.

Economic cooperation has developed solidly and it is strengthened by the framework agreement. Singapore is presently the third largest investor in Vietnam, with Vietnam-Singapore industrial parks as the symbol for our strongly economic development cooperation.

We will also cooperate closely in ASEAN and other regional and international forums. I’m looking forward to continue working with you to promote our wonderful bilateral relationship together.”

World Bank Vietnam’s lead economist Deepak Mishra

With impressive achievements in economic growth and poverty reduction, Vietnam is considered one of the most successful developing countries in our age. Therefore, there are many reasons for Vietnamese to be proud of their country’s economic progress. But recent years is an abnormally challenging period for the Vietnamese economy and Vietnamese people.

Key economic challenges that Vietnam has to face include seeking long-term solutions for macro-economic instability, improving investment effectiveness, strengthening public institutions to facilitate the operation of the market system, building infrastructure to support and maintain an industrialized and prosperous country by 2020.

In the short term, Vietnam needs to pursue the policy to stabilize macro economics. In the medium term, the center should be turning the vision in the social-economic development strategy in 2011-2020 into feasible plans.

There are great expectations on the new cabinet. We hope that the new government will effectively and adequately implement Resolution 11 on reducing financial shortfall, improving governance over the state-owned sector and promoting better market information. We also hope that the new government will solve problems of structure to lay the foundation for a prosperous and modern country.

Charge d’affaires of the US Embassy in Vietnam, Claire Pierangelo

We applaud Vietnam’s commitment of international integration and we wish to work with the new government to deepen our connections in many regional and global issues besides economic integration.

Francis Donovan, director of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in Vietnam

USAID commits to provide technical assistance for Vietnam’s administrative procedure improvement process to strengthen transparency and reduce administrative procedures for businesses and people.

In the future, we will cooperate with the Agency for Control of Administrative Procedures to implement the expanded procedure reform project. We are expected the upcoming cooperation and exchange of understanding and experience in this field with the new government.

Charge d’affaires of the Russian Embassy in Vietnam, Sergey G. Bezdetko

Many countries in the world are facing seriously economic difficulties which are the aftermaths of the global economic-financial crisis, climate changes, the rise of fuel prices, etc. We believe that the new government of Vietnam, led by the experienced and dynamic Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, will effectively implement its goals and continue the policy defined by the Communist Party of Vietnam in January 2011.

In the last five years, Vietnam has attained great achievements in foreign relations and Vietnam’s prestige has been strengthened in the region and the world. Vietnam’s agriculture, industry and service have also developed sustainably, social welfare, education and healthcare has achieved new heights. Briefly, progress is very clear.

We satisfactorily note the dynamic development in recent years of the strategic partnership between Vietnam and Russia in all directions, including politics, economics-trade, science-technology, etc.

Among major missions in the future, we wish to develop cooperation between the two countries in oil and gas, electricity, nuclear power, mechanical engineering, information and telecommunication technology and banking. All conditions to realize this goal are available.

Xuan Linh