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National Assembly to ratify the Law of the Sea this year

VietNamNet Bridge – The government will submit the draft Law of the Sea to the National Assembly (NA) for consideration and approval at the session later this year.

According to the NA’s resolution on law-building program for 2012 and the amended program for 2011, which was approved on August 6, in 2012, the NA will consider and vote on 23 bills and discuss 16 others.

The NA also approved the resolution on the amendment of the Constitution 1992, focusing on seven issues suggested by the NA Standing Committee.

During discussion, many deputies said that the amendment should concentrate on the apparatus of State, NA, government, court, procuracy and local governments. However, in the explanation report, Chair of the NA Committee for Law Phan Trung Ly said that the amendment aims to quickly institutionalize the Party’s policies which are defined in the political program and documents of the 11th Party Congress, not only the state apparatus.

All opinions are transmitted to the Committee for Amendment of Constitution.

Up to deputies’ proposal, the number of the Committee for Amendment of Constitution’s members will rise from 27 to 30. The new members will be representatives of the Justice Committee, the Institute for Social Sciences and the Institute of Science and Technology.

The Committee for Amendment of Constitution will set up an editorial board which consists of experts and scientists who represent various circles and fields.

The committee’s chief is NA Chair Nguyen Sinh Hung and the vice chief is NA Vice Chair Uong Chu Luu. The 28 members are representatives of ministries, sectors, etc.

The committee will submit the first draft amended Constitution at the NA session in late 2012. The draft will be made public to collect people’s opinion from March to April 2013. The NA plans to approve the amended Constitution in October 2013.

Constitution changes to be in line with policies

The drafting committee for the revision of the 1992 Constitution met for the first time in Hanoi on August 8 under the chairmanship of National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung who is also chairman of the committee.

Among the assignments given to the committee were to discuss what changes should be made to the 1992 Constitution and to review its implementation over the past 20 years.

In addition, the committee had to conduct surveys and assess which social relationships and legal documents would be affected by any changes to the constitution. If necessary, the committee has been tasked with suggesting what changes they should be.

Hung asked the committee members to bear in mind that any amendments or supplements to the 1992 constitution must be in line with the major policies and guidelines of the Party and Government that have been reflected in the Party's Political Platform adopted at the 11th National Party Congress last January, as well as other documents.

During their discussion, committee members expressed their desire to consult experts in various fields during the process of revising the constitution - a functional unit supporting the Drafting Committee.

Minister of Justice Ha Hung Cuong called on board members to give thorough consideration to the language and terminology to be used in the revised constitution.

"Members of the board should include lecturers from major law schools in North, Central and South Viet Nam", said Cuong.

Nguyen Thai Binh, Minister of Home Affairs proposed that members of the board should also include experts on ethnic minorities.

President of the Viet Nam War Veterans Tran Hanh emphasised the need for openness, transparency and communication during the process.

"It is important to consult the community during the process of revising the constitution. This is a good way to create a consensus across the entire society", Hanh said.

In conclusion, NA Chairman Hung asked the committee members to uphold the principle of Party leadership and democracy.

"We have to show our responsibility towards the Party and the people in our work", Hung said.

Phan Trung Ly, Chair of the National Assembly Law Committee and the head of the Editing Board for the revision of the 1992 Constitution has been appointed as the spokesperson for the Drafting Committee.

Le Nhung