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Localities urged to improve planning work
VietNamNet Bridge - It is necessary for the State and Government to clearly identify management levels from the central down to the grassroots to avoid overlapping decisions, said new Minister of Planning and Investment Bui Quang Vinh.

The government is focused on reducing public investment to prevent inflation. How much has the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) done in this connection?

Reducing public investment is one of the solutions mentioned in the government’s Resolution 11 to curb inflation. This is a necessary action. In the future, we should continue to implement Resolution 11 to maintain macro-economic stability which will be an important prerequisite for developing the national economy in a sustainable manner.

In the first place, we should regulate and reallocate state budget fundings by focusing on important projects which are scheduled for completion in 2011.

What’s more, we should narrow the scale of investment schemes as human resources are limited.

In addition, we should also use human resources more effectively in the future.

Some people put down shortcomings in planning work to biased opinions. Do you think so?

In fact, the government has made adjustments in its planning work. I think that drastic measures should be taken to improve it in the future.

It is essential to increase investment in ports, airports and other infrastructure facilities. But the State should focus on major projects to make breakthroughs at some point while local authorities should mobilize human resources to effectively ensure the progress of projects.  

As an advisory agency for the Government, will the MPI put a stop to inefficient projects in localities?

I think local authorities are fully aware of what should be done. The MPI will advise them to stick to projects which are beneficial to both locality and nation.

For example, we will upgrade the capacity of Hai Phong international seaport to achieve 200-300 million tonnes per year. In addition, we will also develop a highway system connecting Thai Binh, Nam DInh and Ninh Binh to the international seaport in the near future.

Some argue that minister need stronger power in decision making. Do you agree?

The important thing, in my opinion, is to clarify the responsibilities between the Government, relevant ministries and localities. This means everyone from the government, relevant ministries and localities knows what needs to be done in their capacity.

Source: VOV