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PM speech at inauguration ceremony
VietNamNet Bridge - Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, on behalf of the new cabinet members, delivered a speech at his inauguration ceremony on August 3 after the 13th National Assembly approved his proposal for new cabinet members. The following is full translation of the speech.

First, I would like to extend thanks to the National Assembly for re-electing me as the Prime Minister of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. On behalf of the new Cabinet members, I would also like to thank you for giving approval to my proposal on the designated members of the 13th Government (2011-2020 tenure). We are seriously aware that this is a great honor and also a heavy responsibility that we have to take as entrusted by the Party, State and people.

The Government and Prime Minister pledge to be loyal to the Fatherland, the Nation, the Communist Party of Vietnam, and the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; devoting efforts to well perform the assigned functions and obligations as the executive body of the National Assembly, and the highest administrative body of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; serving the overall target of making Vietnam a strong country with wealthy people, democracy, justice and civilization. We will always consider it our highest political responsibility and our noble duty as well.

The Government and Prime Minister are fully aware of the thoroughcentral tasks of making the best use of favorable opportunities, sparing no effort to overcome challenges, promoting attained achievements, seriously fixing shortcomings and weaknesses; working tirelessly along with the whole Party, people and army to promote the national concerted strengths, comprehensively speeding up the renovation process, successfully realizing the targets set forth in the 2011 – 2015 socio-economic development plan, especially the three strategic breakthroughs, the transformation of growth model and economic restructuring that were defined by the 11th National Party Congress.

First of all, we need to focus on realizing drastically and effectively the tasks of curbinginflation, stabilizing macro-economy, removing barriers against production and business, ensuring social welfare, particularly for the poor, low-income groups, and improving people’s livelihood.

At the same time, we need to deploy consistently and synchronously measures to firmly protect independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the Fatherland; protect the Party, State, people and the socialism regime; ensure national security and social order and safety; actively prevent and foil all plots and acts of sabotage launched by hostile forces.

We also vow to persist in implementing the foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, peace, cooperation and development; embarking on multi-lateralization and diversification of relations, making proactive and active international integration; heightening the country’s position;working for the sake of national interests; continuing with equal and mutually beneficial cooperation with all countries; being a trusted friend, partner and a responsible member of the international community for the prosperity of every nation, for peace, national independence, democracy and social progress on the globe.

To fulfill the heavy responsibility entrusted by the Party, State and people, the Government and Prime Minister will strictly observe the leadership of the Politburo and the CPV Cenrtral Committee. The Government and Prime Minister have set to focus on building the State administrative system, firstly, a transparent and strong Government, to ensureunified, smooth, efficient and effective management; practically contributing to consolidating the rule-of-law State of the people, by the people and for the people. We resolutely and consistently implement measures to fight against corruption, waste and bureaucracy effectively in line with laws.

The Government and Prime Minister would like to sincerely thank and hope to continue receiving valuable supervision, cooperation, support and assistance from the State President, the National Assembly, judicial agencies, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, mass organizations, social organizations, press agencies, business community, local residents and overseas Vietnamese people. We always see this as a very decisive factor for the Government in a course to realize its heavy responsibility.

The Government and Prime Minister appreciate substantial and effective contributions made by the 12th Government. During the next term, we will inherit valuable experience and fine traditions of the previous tenure. We will seriously follow the centralized democracy rule, uphold disciplines, and work for a unified Government in which the role of the Government is fully promoted, the responsibility of the Prime Minister and each Cabinet member is upheld; act decisively and creatively, coordinate closely and assist each other to co-fulfill the obligations we have been assigned.

Each Cabinet member should always keep in mind that the achievements we enjoyed today were owing to the Party and the people. We pledge to live and work in accordance with the Constitution and law, regularly learn and follow the moral example of President Ho Chi Minh, to be industrious and thrifty, upright, public-spirited and selfless, becoming real public servants of the people, striving to do everything that benefits the people, avoiding from doing things that harm the people, and whole-heartedly serving the people and the country.

National Assembly,

Upon taking the office, on behalf of the Cabinet members, I wouldlike to say these above whole-hearted words which are also the promises that the Government, the Prime Minister will resolutely translate into reality to deserve trust and credibility given by the Party, State and people.

I would like to extend best wishes to the National Assembly deputies, distinguished guests, compatriots, and soldiers nationwide. I wish the first session of the 13th National Assembly a success.

PM Nguyen Tan Dung