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Vinashin may be investigated by a provisional committee

VietNamNet Bridge – If a provisional committee is established to investigate the Vinashin case, it should be set up early and its members should be independent experts, the Chair of the National Assembly’s Committee for Defence and Security, Le Quang Binh, told journalists on November 1.


Chair of the National Assembly’s Committee for Defence and Security, Le Quang Binh.

Deputy Nguyen Minh Thuyet and some other deputies on November 1 suggested establishing a provisional committee to investigate wrongdoings at the Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Group (Vinashin). Is the suggestion legal?

I think deputy Nguyen Minh Thuyet’s idea is legal, and it expresses the opinion of many constituents and deputies.

The Law on National Assembly Organisation says that if necessary, a provisional committee can be set up to examine a bill or to investigate certain cases.

The Law on Supervision stipulates three forms of supervision: researching reports, establishing a supervisory group or a provisional committee.

Actually, we have never set up a provisional committee for investigation. This is the first time a deputy is asking for a provisional committee.

The National Assembly Standing Committee will have to consider and respond to deputy Thuyet’s proposal.

The Law on National Assembly Organisation stipulates the establishment of a provisional committee in necessary cases but the regulation doesn’t go into details. What foundation will the NA Standing Committee rely on to consider deputy Thuyet’s idea?

The law doesn’t specify the conditions or the process to set up a provisional committee. Therefore, it will depend on the NA Standing Committee for decision whether to set up a provisional committee or not. If the committee approves the idea, it will ask the NA to vote on it. The NA will make the final decision.

Do you support that idea?

Yes, I do. But I’m afraid that the 12th NA is nearly finished. If deputy Thuyet’s proposal is approved, the provisional committee should be set up in this NA term. It should have members who are independent experts and use the results of other agencies’ investigations, for example the Central Investigation Committee, the Government Inspectorate and investigation bodies of other relevant ministries.

Last NA term, the NA appointed me as the Chair of the provisional committee to verify the draft Law on Supervision.

Noted by Le Nhung