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Small scale brick kilns gradually killing creatures in Nghe An

VietNamNet Bridge – Though the Prime Minister has instructed to eliminate brick kilns as a drastic measure to protect the environment, hundreds of such kilns still have been existing in Nghe An province.

Kilns bring pollution…


Six brick kilns have been operating regularly in the Nghi Yen Commune of Nghi Loc district in Nghe An province, which discharge smoke day and night. For the last many years, local residents have to “live together” with the kilns in the smoke and suffer diseases from the kilns, which are the “bread” for many local residents.

Nguyen Thi Cam, the owner of a street rice shop in Cau Cam area told reporters that people have been living in such poor conditions for the last many years.

“The smoke from the kilns has been killing us and has been keeping our customers away. Since people cannot breathe in the smoke, they do not use our services any more. Therefore, we cannot earn our living here any more,” she complained.

Besides the six kilns located next at the Cam Bridge, there are also many more kilns located on the area adjacent to the Nam Cam Industrial Zone. The smoke from the brick kilns mixes with the smoke from the factories in the industrial zone, which has made the environment pollution more serious.

Nguyen Thi Mai, a local resident in Nghi Yen commune, complains that if the state does not take drastic measure to eliminate the kilns, local residents will have to move to other places, or die of the diseases caused by the pollution.

“The kilns have been operating for the last 10 years, while a complex on solid waste treatment has been set up near our house. The environment is getting more and more polluted,” she said.

In the house hidden under the canvas sheets in order to prevent the smoke, Nguyen Trong Ke in Hung Dong Commune, said that the smoke attacks his house every day, which makes everyone feel suffocated and get nearly unconscious.

“My daughter-in-law has given birth, but she dares not bring the child home. I have to leave the mother and child at a relative to avoid the smoke,” he complained.

… and diseases

There are about 300 households living in Mai Loc hamlet in Dong Hung commune of Vinh City, while nearly 100 households have to “eat and sleep” together with the smoke from kilns.

Local residents said that they always have poor crops since the kilns were set up, while plants either feather because of the smoke or cannot blossom and fructify.

However, the kilns are not only killing the plants, but also gradually killing the life on the land by causing fatal diseases to local residents. In the last few years, at least five people have died because of the lung cancer, while many other people have suffered from the disease. There are numerous people who suffer the respiration-relating diseases; especially rhinitis and sinusitis have made local residents miserable.

Nguyen Thi G, 66, with a thin and weak body, said that she has a cough and suffered from chest pain for the last two months. “I feel half dead on the days when kilns operate, because I cannot breathe,” she said.

Nguyen Thi Thanh, a local resident, said that nearly all 40 people in the same area have suffered diseases from the smoke. A neighbor, Pham Van Lanh, 52, has died of the lung cancer, while Thanh herself suffered from sinusitis and she was hospitalized for treatment for one month.

“However, I am afraid that my disease would recur because of the smoke,” she said. “We have complained about the kilns many times, but nothing has changed”.

Kim Chi