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Staying up late, working and chatting at night – new lifestyle of students

VietNamNet Bridge – Staying up late has become an incurable disease among students. Youngsters no longer go to bed early since there are so many interesting things that keep them awake.

Chatting and using Facebook till dawn

Le Hoai Thuong, a student of Trade Union University, said that she usually talks to her boyfriend on cell phones until two in the morning. Despite knowing that using cell phones for too long may harm the hearing, she still cannot give up this habit. Thuong will not go to bed early even when her boyfriend is too busy talking since she has become accustomed to staying up late. She loves any days that she does not have to go to school in the morning because it means she can sleep till 10 a.m.

As for Pham Minh H from Hanoi Industrial College of Textile Garment and Fashion, surfing on the web is what she has to do every night. H is a zealous member of social networks like Zing me and Facebook – “I’m addicted to Facebook; it helps me make friends with many people and enjoy my life better. I use my Facebook whenever I’m free. About sleeping, to be honest, there is no student who never nods in class”, said H.

Students nowadays do not go to bed prior to 1 or 2 am in the next morning like their parents or grandparents. Staying late at night has become the habit of modern students. Nguyen Thi Nhung, a university student, said that one cannot sleep soon, if others do not go to bed.

“There are too many things you can enjoy in the modern life, so you have to stay late at night to discover the interesting things,” Nhung said.

“You can chat with friends via Yahoo Messenger, or call relatives. If you feel tired with Internet, you can gather friends to gossip or sing songs. Night parties or hot cakes would make your discussions more interesting,” she added. “This is a new lifestyle of modern students. If you do not follow the lifestyle, you would feel like a fish out of water.”

However, Nhung admitted that though the new habits can bring them eventful and joyful days, they do not have much time left for studying.

In general, university students need to spend time on self-teaching at libraries. However, Nhung said, students would rather go out or go shopping than sitting for hours in quietness at libraries.

Writing essays at night

Le Thi Xuyen, a student of the Academy for Journalism and Propaganda, said that she many times had to spend sleepless nights to do exercises or write essays.

In fact, Xuyen and other students are always given enough time to fulfill their tasks. However, they did not try to do the exercises until the day they have to submit the works to lecturers.

“I’d rather stay late at night to do school works in one gulp than doing small parts every day,” Xuyen said, adding that she needs to spend time not only on studying, but playing as well.

Xuyen said that writing essays is really an interesting thing to do. Sometimes she felt very hungry at night, but there was no food left, no rice and no instant noodles. In such cases, she had to write essays while imagining the delicious dishes. As a result, she could not finish writing, while her stomach got empty.

Preparing for exams – when?

The answer is, once again, at night. Most students nowadays stay up late until 1-2 am of the next morning and only get up at 10 am, if they do not have morning lessons. If they have to go to school in the morning, or attend private tutoring classes to prepare for the exams, they would have to get up at 6 am and turn up in the class at 7 am to be present at the roll call. After that, they can drop off right in the class.

Source: VTC