Last update 4/21/2011 3:09:00 PM (GMT+7)

National TV takes disappointing soap opera off air

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam Television (VTV) has decided to stop broadcasting a TV soap opera series Wednesday after it received strong criticism from viewers.

The suspended drama, “Anh chang vuot thoi gian” (The time traveler) now in its 18th episode, tells a story of Hai Anh, a coma patient who dreams he travels back through time to a kingdom where he unveils many mysteries.

On air from March, the series produced by Nang Dong Viet Company has stirred widespread concerns over its sloppy script, feeble details and its cast’s poor acting skills.

“We are worried about the poor quality of Vietnam’s television industry as disappointing films like this keep being produced and shown on TV,” a Tuoi Tre reader, among hundreds of others, commented critically in a recent film review by the newspaper.

Nguyen Thanh Luong, deputy head of VTV, said the suspension was necessary for its partner (Nang Dong Viet) to gather more time and resources to do a better job for the rest of the series.

The film’s production process, a hasty and problematic one, was attributed by many to its disappointing final product.

Having a total of 36 episodes, the series’ first part was only filmed in less than one month before it was officially aired in VTV3 in March.

Nang Dong Viet also needs to settle their internal problems with the cast and film crews, Luong said, after a sudden change was announced to the initial cast.

The new cast, however, shows signs of disappointment and one of its leading actor, model Hua Vi Van, has even backed out of the series.

“If I continue to do this film, it will be a disaster for our industry,” he said in a recent interview with a newswire.

“The series’ upcoming episodes should be ensured of their qualities, or else we would not allow them to be shown,” Luong warned.

However, he did not mention VTV’s responsibility as a broadcaster over censoring and scrip checking.

In recent development, Luong also delivered VTV’s first official comment after one of its education program for young children showed animal cruelty against a small cat, arousing widespread anger among viewers.

“It was an unfortunate event, and we have drawn valuable experiences from it,” Luong said.

In that TV education show, some kids tied a small cat to a bottle and threw the bottle and cat into the water.

They laughed seeing the cat struggling for its life in the water. Two celebrities stood there, smiling and doing or saying nothing to help the drowning cat.

Two kids later took the cat out. The animal survived.

Source: Tuoi Tre