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Portraits of famous Vietnamese telepaths

VietNamNet Bridge – Telepathy has become very popular in Vietnam, particularly in searching for lost remains.

The Ministry of Labor, War Valid and Social Affairs recently held a workshop on the ability of telepaths in searching tombs. Experts said that there was no scientific verification of telepaths’ capability and some telepaths performed superstitious activities. Deputy Minister Doan Mau Tiep told the media that it must have combination between telepathy and science.

VietNamNet would like to introduce a series portraying some famous telepaths in Vietnam to provide objective information about “tomb searching experts”.

Drawing faces of the dead by cigarette smoke

Duong Manh Hung, 52, was the descendant of a three-generation family practicing Oriental medicine at No. 35, Lan Ong Street (the street for Oriental medicine in Hanoi). His paternal great grandfather was a royal physician of the Nguyen Dynasty. Since he was born, Hung has been a medical practitioner by default.

Besides his main job – an Oriental medical practitioner – Hung is also a telepath, specializing in searching for lost remains. He told VietNamNet that he has searched thousands of lost tombs.

He said he only needs to feel the pulse at the wrist of patients to know about their families and the places of lost tombs. He is famous for the so-called “Thai to pulse feeling”: by placing his fingers to this pulse, he can see, talk to and portray the dead relatives of his patients.

The Young Knowledge magazine recently published a mysterious story explaining why Hung became a telepath.

At the age of 20, Hung suffered a high fever and died. While the family was preparing to bury him, an uncle came late and wanted to see his nephew for the last time. The uncle was started seeing the sheet of paper on the dead’s face moving. Hung was immediately brought to Hanoi’s Vietnam-Germany for emergency aid. Hung came to his sense and back to life.

One day, Hung feared himself because when he felt the pulse of a patient, he could suddenly speak about this patient and his family though he had never seen the patient before.

Since then, whenever he felt the pulse of patients (Thai to pulse at wrist), he heard the voice of someone talking about the family of patients. He sometimes saw the dead through his cigarette smoke and the dead told him their names and ages, etc.

The Young Knowledge magazine also wrote that the first time Hung made connection between the dead and the living in 1980. Once visiting a friend in HCM City, he suddenly saw a soldier in camouflaged combat clothing, who said: “I’m Nguyen Hoai Nhon. Please take me to my house at Cong Hoa Street. My sister is Nguyen Thi Cuc, at No. 256/2” and disappeared.

Cong Hoa Street was renamed, so it took Hung sometime to search for the woman named Cuc. When feeling Cuc’s pulse, Nhon appeared again. Hung said he saw Nhon put his hands on Cuc’s shoulders and he played the role of an intermediate to help them talk to each others.

The dead soldier named Nhon, said he died in battle in Chu Lai. His remains were in the coconut garden of Ut Tam family. Following Nhon’s instruction, Hung helped Cuc find out the remains of Nhon, under a coconut tree with his shoes.

Since then, Hung has helped many families search lost remains of their relatives. Nobody knows how many tombs Hung has found but Hung told VietNamNet that he has searched thousands of lost tombs. Hung also told VietNamNet that he can explore oil fields at the depth of hundred meters.

Some newspapers in Vietnam have praised Hung’s telepathic ability. Vietinfor website related a touched and sensational story told by Hung at a meeting with Vietnamese in Warszawa (Poland).

Hung said that once he passed a night club in HCM City, he suddenly heard the voice of someone and then he saw the shadow of a young girl. It turned out that it was the soul of Nguyen Thi Tho, from the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho. This girl was beaten to death by soldiers before 1975. The girl asked Hung to celebrate a requiem for her and brought her to her home.

Hung took a photo of the girl’s shadow by his Nokia cell phone, which he said “an indisputable evidence” for his ability, but Vietinfor did not publish that picture.

People who believe in superstition said that these are mysterious and spiritual stories, while those who only believe in sciences said that they are untrue. They said Hung overstated to advertise himself because nobody can verify the number of lost remains he has searched and it is unsure that the remains are true.

In 2007, a VietNamNet’s reporter saw Hung to learn about his telepathic ability and asked him to seek the lost remains of a man named Nguyen Van Bui, who died in 1966.

After feeling the pulse, Hung described the dead’s portrait and his home, saying that this man was intelligent but had weak nerves, sometimes he strolled aimlessly. After he died, he was buried in the cemetery of Vinh Phuc village. The cemetery has become a tennis court. The tomb was then moved to Bat Bat cemetery in Ba Vi, Hanoi.

He said to seek the tomb, the dead’s family had to place three fresh duck eggs and a pair of chopsticks on the dead’s altar and called the name of the dead before the 16th of the third lunar month. On March 20, the dead’s family had to bring the eggs and chopsticks to a tomb numbered 719 in Bat Bat cemetery, pitched the chopsticks to the tomb and place eggs on the chopsticks. If the eggs could stand on the chopsticks, that is the right tomb.

However, there was no Mr. Bui. This was a character that VietNamNet’s reporter made up to test Hung’s telepathic ability.

About eggs standing on chopsticks, this is a very normal physical phenomenon that anybody can perform. Each egg has egg red and white. Before putting an egg on a chopstick, it is necessary to change the centre of gravity of the egg by shaking the egg to make the white and red mixing together (the egg white and red can mix if they are carried for a long way). After that, place the egg on the chopstick to be perpendicular to the earth’s gravitational force, it can stand on the chopstick for an hour.

VietNamNet’s reporters could place an egg on a chopstick without needing any remains below.

Writing about the same telepath but some newspapers praise his/her talent, others prove that his/her talent is untrue. As a result, the readers do not know what is wrong, what is right while telepathy is a fact and fiction issue.

It is time for scientists to clarify this issue to help the public have truthful insights about this.

Minh Anh